Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First day of kindergarden

Today was your first day of Kindergarden.

First day of school

I am so excited. I met you down in Santa Cruz first thing in the morning because the school, Spring Hill, was having a pancake breakfast for the parents and students. You were too busy playing with Mia and Claire to eat much. You did have some bacon, because you love bacon.

Claire and Mia

After the breakfast, we went down to your new classroom. You already knew where it was because you'd been to the same school for summer camp. We got to your classroom, and they had a table set up with stickers that had your name on them and a red apple with your name on it on a string. You were one of the first kids to pick out your cubby for your stuff. You picked on on the top row, and put your name sticker in it.

Choosing your cubby

Before you put your name tag around your neck, I wore it and kept saying that I wanted to go to school and you were going to go to work. Then you put it on. I am so proud of you when I look at this picture that I can hardly stand it. I just think about all of the great things that you'll have fun doing. Even just the smell of the classroom reminded me of going to school when I was your age, and it brought back such wonderful memories of innocence and joy.

I'm so proud of you

The best part of the whole day was when I called you at night to ask you how it was. You sounded so excited, You said "I LOVED it!! It was GREAT!!" You said it was really fun, even more fun than you expected.

Your classroom

It was really special for me to hear about how excited you were. It made me very happy to picture you in your classroom with the other kids having a really great time.

I love you.



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