Sunday, July 04, 2004

Lauren and daddy in the pool

Dear Lauren
This blog is all about you. You are 4 years old right now, and you are a very good moose.

This picture is from July 4th BBQ at my friend Joe's house. We had fun playing in the pool. You would lie on the raft,a nd I would swim underneath you.

Last weekend when you were at my house, we did some fun things. We went to the park after dinner on Friday, and played until it got cold. We walked Max together, and he watched us while we played.

Today was the first time that you climbed over the big greeen worm jungle gym. I was really happy to watch you do it. You looked so serious as you worked your way over the top part, and you looked so happy when you got down the other side.

You were over at Daddy's house last night too. You were pretty tired, and slept in the car on the way to the house from your school. It's a long drive, about 50 miles, and sometimes you fall asleep while we're driving. Before you went to sleep, we talked about what we wanted to have for dinner, and you voted for getting chicken at the chicken restaurant. When we got to the restaurant, I woke you up and we had dinner. You had rice with your rotisserie chicken. I put chicken and rice leftovers in your lunch for the next day.

This weekend, you're staying with me in our house in San Mateo. We'll spend some time with Aunt Ellie on Saturday for Father's day, and Saturday night we'll have dinner with Nicole. Maybe on Sunday, we can go to a swimming lesson.

I love you Moose.



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