Friday, March 10, 2000

Lauren and daddy

Lauren and daddy

I think that I'm sleeping in the picture. I loved to fall asleep with you when you fell asleep. I can always remember holding your little hands in mine, and how nice it made me feel. You would be all warm and cozy on top of my chest, and I could feel you breathe while you slept. Sometimes, while you slept, I would touch your head with my lips very gently and breath in how you smelled, like a beautiful baby that I love very much.

At night, when you would wake up, I would dance with you and listen to a song by Phish called Meatstick. I had a 25 minute long version that would just go on and on, and we could dance for a long time, just cuddling and dancing, until you fell asleep again. Sometimes, I would think about how much I loved you, and how excited I was for you to get older so I could listen to you talk and tell me things.


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