Tuesday, March 07, 2000

Coming home

This picture is from when mommy and daddy brought you home from the hospital. You're 3 days old. mommy is wearing the same clothes that she had on when we went to the hospital.

At one point when your mommy was still in the hospital, I came home to feed the cat (you used to have a cat, but it ran away). I made the sign that said welcome home, and leaned it against the white car. We didn't know if you were a boy or a girl until you were born. If you were a boy, your name would have been Lee William. But you were a girl, so you were named after your grandfather Lawrence and your mommy's middle name, Ruth.

You can see the balloons that people sent you when you were born, and some flowers.

Mommy and I were very proud of you, you were a very good baby, and a good eater.


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